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A Summer School on

Solving Polynomial Equations and Structured Matrix Methods for Approximate GCD Computations:
A New Approach

Oxford University

Oxford University
Computer Laboratory
Oxford, England
17 - 21 September 2007

Organised by Joab Winkler and John Allan, The University of Sheffield

Sponsored by:


The course is organised by Dr Joab Winkler and Mr John Allan of The Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield.

If you require additional information, please contact Dr Joab Winkler:

Dr Joab Winkler
The University of Sheffield
Department of Computer Science
Regent Court
211 Portobello Street
Sheffield S1 4DP
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)114 222 1834
Fax: +44 (0)114 222 1810
Email: j.winkler@dcs.shef.ac.uk

Course material

Slides of invited speakers

  • Professor Rob Corless (University of Western Ontario, Canada) slides
  • Professor Gershon Elber (The Technion, Haifa, Israel) slides
  • Professor Gene Golub (Stanford University, USA) slides
  • Dr Ivan Markovsky (Southampton University, UK) slides
  • Professor Zhonggang Zeng (Northeastern Illinois University, USA) slides

Lecture material of Joab Winkler








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