Gaussian Processes Summer Schools

Gaussian Process Summer Schools

The Gaussian Process Summer Schools are a series of meetings targeted at facilitating the understanding of Gaussian process models both in theory and practice. The main summer schools are held in Sheffield, UK. We also take the summer school 'on tour' with Gaussian Process Road Shows. The first of which was held in Kampala, Uganda in August 2013.

The first meetings were the Gaussian Process Round Table and Gaussian Processes in Practice meetings. The formal summer schools were started in June 2013 with the first Gaussian Process Summer School. Commitments to NIPS for Neil in 2014 have meant we have decided to have two schools, one in Winter and depending on demand, a further school in September.

As part of the Open Data Science Initiative we have also begun a series of schools on "Data Science" starting with the first in Kenya June 2015.

Neil will also be presenting on Gaussian processes at the 2015 Sydney Machine Learning Summer School.

Upcoming Schools

The next scheduled schools are:
Copenhagen, DenmarkMay 2015Workshop on Gaussian Process Approximations
Nyeri, Kenya15th-17th June 2015ODS: Data Science School
Nyeri, Kenya18th-19th June 2015Workshop on Datascience in Africa
Sheffield, UK14th-16th September 2015Gaussian Process Summer School

The most recent road show was the Gaussian Winter School in Genoa, Italy. The most recent Sheffield school was the The Gaussian Process Summer School held from 15th to 17th September 2014. It was followed by a workshop on Feature Extraction with Gaussian Processes.

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